Our members

Each member of ADVOC has a proven record of immediate response to the needs of clients of other member firms. Each member is committed to ensuring that all clients will be more than satisfied with the service provided.

Members are selected to join ADVOC for their wide experience of commercial work within their region. No fees or commissions are charged for introductions and no time is wasted. As a result, referrals can be made quickly and with complete confidence. Each member strives to ensure another member’s client gets the best service and advice.

Check our website for an overview of all current members.

Our history

ADVOC was founded in 1990 by a number of European law firms who have been members since. Following a rapid growth of the network in Europe, the ADVOC Asia-Pacific chapter was founded in 1994 followed by the ADVOC Latin-American and North American chapters in 2003 and 2010.

Currently, ADVOC brings together over 90 offices in more than 50 countries and more than 200 cities, where collectively more than 5,500 lawyers practice. We are ranked in Chambers as a leading law firm network and many of our members' lawyers are ranked in legal directories as experts in their fields.

Our meetings

We are convinced that personal contact is a requirement for a successful cooperation. The relationships between our members are long-lasting and have existed in many cases for over thirty years, since ADVOC's incorporation in 1990.

We invest in network meetings and seminars and expect our members to be actively involved by attending these meetings and making meaningful contributions.

This website is operated by the ADVOC Events Foundation, which organises conferences and meetings of the European chapter of ADVOC. ADVOC Europe organises two general events a year, an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Spring and a network meeting (Open Board Meeting) in Autumn. Every two years a Global Joint Meeting is held, organised by one of the ADVOC chapters (in rotation).

Next to this, content-related seminars and conferences are organized to take advantage of the opportunity to share knowledge.

Meetings and conferences are hosted by a member firm and organised by such member with the support of ADVOC Europe.

Participation in the meetings of ADVOC Europe is also open to any member of other ADVOC chapters and is enthusiastically encouraged.

For more information about ADVOC, visit our global network website