About the conference speaker

M&A Conference speaker

Albert Coll is an independent financial consultant providing advisory services to small and medium companies, covering a broad range of companies from pension fiduciary managers to US private equities and holding companies.

His experience as Financial Services executive spans more than 25 years in investment banking, wholesale and retail banking.

As Deputy Chief Financial Officer of a US$>200bn bank, he has been responsible for strategic and financial planning, M&A design and execution, capital raising and debt issuance, private equity and institutional investor end-to-end liaison, completing numerous transactions including takeovers, carve-outs, P2P, buyouts and government assisted transactions both in Europe and the US, raising funding in both ECM (Equity Capital Markets) and DCM (Debt Capital Markets). He has been the leading finance contact for negotiations with top US private equity firms and boutique investment banks in real estate deals. He was also a senior contact for the IMF Mission Article IV during the financial crisis.

As equity research analyst for Citigroup in a top ranked team, he has delivered multiple deals in Europe and Latin America and engaged with international institutional investors across the globe. He is experienced in oversight and compliance, having been Country Head in the UK and SMF lead regulatory contact with the PRA, the FCA, the FED and European financial regulators (EBA & SSM).

Along his career he has presented more than 7,500 hours of financial and capital markets content to a broad range of financial stakeholders globally, making financial concepts simple and accessible by adapting the jargon to the audience’s background. Since 2014 Albert has been a contributor to world leading universities and business schools including the London School of Economics, IE Business School, The University of Chicago, UNAV (IESE) and ESADE in both MBA and professional education programmes where he is currently teaching Corporate Finance, M&A, Financial and Management Accounting and Private Equity.